Saturday, July 16, 2011

Acro Skill Series of the Month July 2011

This month I am choosing to post a much harder skill.  I recently took part in the FIG Level 3 Coaching Academy for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Lisbon, Portugal and the athletes were of excellent caliber. The skill series is for a 1 arm handstand press down to a 1 arm straddle lever.  This is definitely an advanced skill.  Here is a series of pictures of the skill and some progressions and spotting.  I will post videos here for this skill as well.

Progressions such as holding the on arm lever in the frog position, or in one leg frog, other leg frog and simply holding the one arm straddle lever are all lead ups for this skill.

As well her is a picture of the spotting that can be done to teach the athlete the importance of turning the hips and bringing the legs down the side keeping the balance more over the hands rather than taking the skill down the front where the athlete would have to planche on one arm to get down.

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