Monday, October 18, 2010

Level 1 Canadian Acrobatic Gymnastics

Here is what the Level 1 Individual Element routine from the draft Canadian Level system for Acrobatic Gymnastics looks like on paper. For those of you who are interested this is what we work from to create the routine you see in the video below. It is a 10 element routine created to develop all the aspects of an acrobatic gymnast: flexibility, strength, extension, tumbling, and presentation.

Level 1 Canadian System Routine

Here is a video of the Level 1 Individual Routine for Acrobatic Gymnastics basics. This routine was developed by Andrzej Cichalewski and Dmitry Belyaykov of the Gymnastics Canada Strategic Development Committee for Acrobatic Gymnastics. There is a draft of a four level Canadian Acrobatic Gymnastics system that was produced in the winter of 2010. Though Ontario is using the American system we still try to use some of the elements from the draft Canadian system so that we can work towards developing our own program to be used Nation wide as we are growing as a sport.

Here one of the Oakville Gymnastic Club's, Provincial level Acrobats shows the Level 1 routine with a few modifications of her own, e.g. the 1st element rather than a stork stand is a Y-scale and she does 3 kick steps instead of two. This routine can be used with Recreational and Interclub groups to teach them the basic elements.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Acro Video of the Month Oct

Here is a video of the 12-19 Men's Four from Muldova performing their FINAL round routine during the World Age Championships in Poland, July 2010. They were a good group to watch even though they placed last in their category. Their routine showed how a Men's 11-16 group transitions to a 12-19 group. The routines were slightly simpler but all the logical progressions from the 11-16 compulsory elements were built upon and developed. Some of the other Men's groups were much further along so the progression from 11-16 to 12-19 wasn't as clearly demonstrated. Thanks to Muldovan guys for making this clean and for fun routines. Plus how can you go wrong with a full silver suit! It matches this blog. Perfect!

Again a higher quality video can be found on Youtube.

Skill Series of the Month Oct

Here is another skill series for a fairly simple skill. High splits for a Women's Trio. First you would make sure your top can do the splits well. Then have them do this with the bases sitting or kneeling on the floor. Here the second base in a boy but this was just for training purposes. The spotters are Karl Warton and Toshco Pavlov, FIG Experts. The athletes are from two different Acro clubs in Portugal. These photos are from the FIG Level 2 course that took place November 2009.

Acrobatic Gymnastics Pic of the Month Oct

I can't give you any details about the girls in this photo but from the hyperextended knee I'm pretty sure this is a team from Russia.

Events to Come

Here is a quick list of UNOFFICIAL Acrobatic Gymnastics Events to take place in Ontario:

Sunday Nights: Oakville Gymnastics Club welcomes other clubs who are starting Acrobatic Gymnastics programs to join them. Please check the OGC Acrobatic Gymnastics Schedule, posted monthly on their blog

If you are interested in attending please send an e-mail to in advance.

November 26th, 27th, 28th 1st Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp, Windsor Vistas Gymnastics Club. This camp is not yet available on the GO website but will be up soon. This camp will focus on basic and intermediate acro skills, competition routines and judging.

February 11th, 12th, 13th 2nd Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp, Mississauga Gymnastics Club. This camp will focus on basic, intermediate and advanced acro skills as well as routines and competition format.

Spring Acro Gala: Location to be determined but this event is planned for May 14th.