Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Acro Video of the Month Oct

Here is a video of the 12-19 Men's Four from Muldova performing their FINAL round routine during the World Age Championships in Poland, July 2010. They were a good group to watch even though they placed last in their category. Their routine showed how a Men's 11-16 group transitions to a 12-19 group. The routines were slightly simpler but all the logical progressions from the 11-16 compulsory elements were built upon and developed. Some of the other Men's groups were much further along so the progression from 11-16 to 12-19 wasn't as clearly demonstrated. Thanks to Muldovan guys for making this clean and for fun routines. Plus how can you go wrong with a full silver suit! It matches this blog. Perfect!

Again a higher quality video can be found on Youtube.

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