Monday, October 18, 2010

Level 1 Canadian System Routine

Here is a video of the Level 1 Individual Routine for Acrobatic Gymnastics basics. This routine was developed by Andrzej Cichalewski and Dmitry Belyaykov of the Gymnastics Canada Strategic Development Committee for Acrobatic Gymnastics. There is a draft of a four level Canadian Acrobatic Gymnastics system that was produced in the winter of 2010. Though Ontario is using the American system we still try to use some of the elements from the draft Canadian system so that we can work towards developing our own program to be used Nation wide as we are growing as a sport.

Here one of the Oakville Gymnastic Club's, Provincial level Acrobats shows the Level 1 routine with a few modifications of her own, e.g. the 1st element rather than a stork stand is a Y-scale and she does 3 kick steps instead of two. This routine can be used with Recreational and Interclub groups to teach them the basic elements.

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