Saturday, July 23, 2011

Acro Video of the Month June 2010

Okay so it's not the best quality of video but I really like this trio.  They are smooth and classy.  I'm pretty sure that they are from Great Britain.  Nice leotards.  Dramatic routine.  This is a good example of a strong 12-19 Women's Group balance routine.

Follow the link to watch:

Acrobatic Gymnastics Pic of the Month June 2011

This just gives you an idea of how much strength is needed to perform something like a straddle planche with two hands on one base point.

I think our Ontario Acrobats need to keep working on their strength to achieve this kind of physique.

This is a girl from Portugal named Lao who is phenomenal.

Wow! Lean muscle.

Acro Skills Series of the Month Videos

I have posted three different variations of the hand position on the foot for the jump up to the base's chest. The variations are slight but the goal is to get up as quickly as possible with as few movements as possible. Efficiency is key. Click on the links to the videos to see them. It is just better quality on Youtube.

Hand Placement #1

Hand Placement #2

Hand Placement #3

Acro Skill Series of the Month June 2011

Okay so I missed posting anything in June so I thought I would post another element here.

Base is in bridge with one foot up and the top is balancing on the raised foot.

Looks line this.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Acro Video of the Month July 2011

Watch this video of a Men's Four in the 12-19 category performing a Dynamic routine at the 2010 World Age Group Championships in Wroclaw, Poland.  This is a Russian Men's four.  I posted it on Youtube so that you can view it in higher quality.

Follow the link here:

1 arm handstand to 1 arm straddle lever with spotting technique 2

 This technique shows the spotting of the hips and the turning of the hips to help the acrobat to learn the positioning.  This is a spotting technique for the acrobat that is new to the skill.

This video can be found in higher resolution on Youtube at the following link:

1 arm handstand to 1 arm straddle lever with spot

This spotting technique is for an athlete that has more experience with the press down.  It forces the athlete to do more.  
This video can be found in higher resolution on Youtube at the following link:

Acro Skill Series of the Month July 2011

This month I am choosing to post a much harder skill.  I recently took part in the FIG Level 3 Coaching Academy for Acrobatic Gymnastics in Lisbon, Portugal and the athletes were of excellent caliber. The skill series is for a 1 arm handstand press down to a 1 arm straddle lever.  This is definitely an advanced skill.  Here is a series of pictures of the skill and some progressions and spotting.  I will post videos here for this skill as well.

Progressions such as holding the on arm lever in the frog position, or in one leg frog, other leg frog and simply holding the one arm straddle lever are all lead ups for this skill.

As well her is a picture of the spotting that can be done to teach the athlete the importance of turning the hips and bringing the legs down the side keeping the balance more over the hands rather than taking the skill down the front where the athlete would have to planche on one arm to get down.

Acrobatic Gymnastics Pic of the Month July 2011

I've been very lazy with getting my picture, skill series and video of the month up here on the blog. I'll try to be more on top of this.

Here is my pic of the month for July 2011. It is a one arm croc on a straddle planche. Not a competition picture. It is more artistic but it shows a great men's pair balance. I'm looking forward to the day when Ontario has a men's pair that can do this.