Saturday, October 27, 2012

GO Congress Acrobatic Sessions

At this weekend's Gymnastics Ontario Coaching Congress had three sessions. 

The first session was a 15 minute presentation to the entire gymnastics community attending the Friday sessions.  This short session was an Acrobatic Gymnastics Teaser to get people excited about this new discipline and featured several short videos of the top acrobats in the world. 

The following sessions were more technical, in-gym, hands-on activities.  The two sessions were delivered by Don Holmes with help from the acrobats from the Oakville Gymnastics club.  Thank you to the OGC acrobats for helping out.  Thank you to all of the new coaches who attended.  We hope to see all of you out to this year's acrobatic gymnastics competitions.  Here are a bunch of photos from the day's activities at East York Gymnastics Club.

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