Saturday, March 24, 2012

GO Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp Day 1 pics

Here are some photos from the Friday session of the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training camp.  The Friday session of the training camp took place at the Zacada Circus School  (see the link ).  

Thank you to Kosta Zakharenko for hosting the camp.  

Watch and learn.  Presenting elements with critiques from the clinicians and other  athletes.

Roisin Kavanagh (IRL), Don Holmes (GO Acro Tech Chair), and Jane Kirwan (IRL) looking through the code and looking for examples to show the athletes.

Details to work on for the Mississauga WG Syandenne, Mikaela and Xhosa.  Roisin and Ren checking the progress.

Kosta working with Oakville pair Jack and Tessa on their handstands.

A bit of circus fun never hurt anyone either.

Ren Torosyants (Mississauga Acro Coach) and Suzie Owen (GO Acro Tech Committee)

something to think about

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