Sunday, December 26, 2010

Windsor Training Camp

The 1st Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp held by Gymnastics Ontario this year took place at the Windsor Vistas Gymnastics Club.  The facility was excellent for the training camp with ample floor space and a meeting room for meals and lectures.  Though the athletes that took part in the camp all came from Gymnastics Mississauga and the Oakville Gymnastics Club it was great to host the Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp in Windsor so that the opportunity was available for coaches in that part of the province to see and learn a bit about Acrobatic Gymnastics.  We had a few interested coaches participate in some of the sessions.  We hope to see some coaches and athletes from the Windsor area at the February training camp.

The camp focused on the Level System and putting together routines.  All who participated took part in a short demonstration of routines on the Sunday morning. 

Congratulations to all of the athletes who attended.  You really are the very first group of athletes participating in Acrobatic Gymnastics in Ontario.  Mississauga and Oakville are leading the charge in this discipline and with beautiful results.  I will try to get some videos from the camp  on here as well.  First I have some pictures.

Thank you to the Windsor Vistas Gymnastics Club for hosting this event and being so accommodating.

Good luck to all of the athletes and coaches as they prepare for the February Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp.

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