Sunday, April 5, 2009


At present there is no official Acrobatics Gymnastics organization in Canada. We have decided that it is time to remedy this situation and put something together. As a recognized FIG gymnastics discipline we feel that Canada needs to provide this sport option to our growing gymnastics community. We will provide the province and the nation with all that we can via this blog for now until we can move forward with incorporating ourselves with the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO's) and National Sport Organization (NSO).
Our primary objective is to develop the grass-roots structure for Acrobatic Gymnastics (Sport Acrobatics) in Canada. As in all that Gymnastics Ontario does, we will strive to be a leader who sets strong examples of work ethic, organization, professionalism and technical competency.
We would like to invite anyone who is interested in being part of the Sport Acrobatics Ontario organization to contact us at .
We will keep you informed as to what is being done in the Province and what progress is being made in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Please keep your eyes here!

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