Thursday, April 5, 2012

Acrobatic Gymnastics Picture of the Month

Here are Adele Lefevre and Maddy Arnold of OGC West (Okanogan Gymnastics Club).  Adele and Maddy will be attending the 2012 World Age Group Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics as one of Canada's 11-16 Women's pairs.
Yahoo! to Acrobatic Gymnastics in British Columbia!  

Acrobatic Gymnastics video of the month

Reviving the Acrobatic Gymnastics Video of the Month
Here is the world famous Mixed Pair of Connor and Milly from Great Britain showing why they are world champions.  Wow!  Great gymnastics!

Maybe not the best quality video.  
I don't think I was recording.  My apologies to the world.

March 25th Acro Training Camp Day 3

Here are a bunch of great photos showcasing 
Acrobatic Gymnastics in Ontario.

Mississauga Gymnastics Club and the Oakville Gymnastics Club are working hard to produce some of the top acrobatic gymnasts in the province and country. With help from the Roisin Kavanagh of the Irish Gymnastics Federation many corrections, changes and ideas about how to better show routines and pick up extra marks on a routine were shared.
A big thank you to Roisin for all of her help.

Thank you to Zacada Circus School and the Oakville Gymnastics Club for hosting the training camp.

Thank you to all of the athletes who participated int eh camp.

Thank you to all of the clinicians who helped out at the camp as well:
Dave Harris
Alexa Barac
Jane Kirwan
Kosta Zakharenko
Niki Lavoie
Ren Torosyants
Don Holmes

This camp was not the largest but was the first real training camp with athletes arriving in pair/groups and working on bettering their acro routines rather than just a sport introduction to Acrobatic Gymnastics in Ontario.

All of the participants in the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp

the ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS JUDGES IN ONTARIO hearing some suggestions on where deductions can be taken

Roisin Kavanagh (Ireland), Ren Toronsyants (Gymnastics Mississauga), Jane Kirwan (Oakville Gymnastics Club originally from Ireland), and Don Holmes (Oakville Gymnastics Club)
For more photos from the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp find Don Holmes on Facebook

March 24th Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp

Here are some photos of Saturday, March 24th, Day 2 of the Gymnastics Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp.  We started the day off with a social adventure out to Playdium in Mississauga.  Everyone had a blast and then headed back to the Oakville Gymnastics Club for 5 hours of hard training.

Tessa knocking everyone off the road.

Anna owing the road

Jacking killing anything that stepped on the road.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Zacada Circus Performance Summer Please

Zacada Circus School in Stoney Creek is presenting their annual Circus Performance 
April 13-15 and 20-22
 at their school 687 Barton Street.

Included in this year's performance are 5 of the Oakville Gymnastics Club's tumblers: Naomi Smith, Ben Senior, Luke Mackinnon, Michael Chaves and Jonathan Meehan.

This year's show is entitled "Summer Please!"  

Book your tickets now as there is limited seating in the Zacada theatre.