Monday, February 22, 2010

More Pair Element Pics

Pair Elements

The second session of the evening was basic pair elements. This session was lead by our Head Clinician for the camp, Dmitry Belyaykov from Cirque du Soleil and assisted by Valerii Luchko.

With such a big group attending there was a big mix of levels and bodies trying the skills. What was great about this melange of participants was that it really demonstrated that acro is a discipline for everyone.

The most important thing to take from the Pairs elements was to be sure to have a spotter.

Thanks to Dmitry for getting the acrobatics component going and delivering the session with such enthusiasm.

Leaps & Body Alignment Session

Niki Lavoie was our first clinician of the camp. She lead a session on Leaps and Body Alignment drills. The most important basic for Acrobats is having a good line. The body segments need to be straight over top of each other to create stability. This stable, well aligned body can then be used to lift or be lifted during acrobatic elements. Once body alignment is understood and the athlete is capable of maintaining this position then coaches and athletes can start to play around with different positions that are more aesthetic and artistic.

Niki's session taught the basics and delivered some drills for athletes and coaches to use.

She also taught some progressions for a variety of leaps. With a diversity of participants the leaps ranged from superb to ... well ... needs improvement.

Thanks to Niki of the Oakville Gymnastics Club for getting the camp off to a great start.

Acro Camp Follow Up

It's taken me a while to find some time to post some follow up as this month has been extremely busy.

Finally I'm getting around to it.

I've decided to break the Acrobatics Training Camp down into chunks based on the different sessions we had throughout the two day camp.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Friday, February 5, 2010

National Acrobatic Gymnastics Camp Today

We are getting ready to kick off the 2nd Ontario Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp and the first ever National Acrobatic Gymnastics Training Camp.

We are very excited! It's taken some planning but we should have a great camp.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone who plans to participate.

If you are just finding out about this camp feel free to drop by and chat with Don the lead coordinator for this event or just keep reading this blog for more information.

Good luck to everyone this weekend and a big thank you in advance to the Oakville Gymnastics Club for providing space for us to host this event.